Pool Management

Shoalstone Seawater Pool is a community-run asset. The pool is managed
by a charitable incorporated organisation, Shoalstone Pool CI, with a board of directors made up of local volunteers who manage the pool affairs in their own spare time.

The pool is managed by Angela Morris our appointed Operations Manager

The current board of directors are:-

The directors meet monthly in Brixham and can be contacted via info@shoalstonepool.com

Pool Strategy

In November last year we published a draft strategy entitled "From Surviving to Thriving" for the pool. Following publication we’ve taken the strategy to consultation and are in the process of implementing it.

As a result of the feedback we can announce that we are fully committed to the dissolution of the Community Interest Company and the formation of a new organisation by which we can gain charitable status. This is critical to our plans for fundraising. Linked to this is our will to continue providing access to the pool for free with a donation advised.

The directors are working on a short, medium and long term implementation of the strategy and we hope to release further details in our June  2020 newsletter.

Policy Documents

The directors administor a number of policy documents related to the pool. These can all be found at the links below.

Fundraising and Revenue

The pool relies on donations, fundraising and revenue from the attached car park in order to remain open. Shoalstone CIC are supported by the Friends of Shoalstone Pool who work selflessly to raise funds on our behalf.

The Friends were formed  in 2004. The money raised by the Friends pays for annual cleaning, painting and recommissioning, and also helps to build a contingency fund in the event of a major storm and any subsequent repairs needed.

Please consider supporting the Friends by becoming a member. It’s a small donation and every little helps. 

Contact Us

Shoalstone Pool, Berry Head Road, Brixham,TQ5 9FT

Further Information

We are always keen to hear your views and feedback. If you have something to tell us please do get in touch. New Volunteers are always welcome. We’re busy maintaining and improving the pool all year round.

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