Advice for Swimmers - Shoalstone Seawater Pool

Swim Safe

Cold water swimming is good for you, for the mind, body and soul. If you are new to Wild Swimming then here are a few practical tips to make you well prepared.

1. Consider weather, wind speeds and local currents.

2. Never swim alone. It is more fun with friends.

3. Know your limits, don’t stay in too long.

4. Wear appropriate clothing. Keep warm clothing for after your swim. Even a hot drink.

5. Get in slowly to acclimatise to the cold.

6. Have a clear plan before you enter the water and keep an eye on each other throughout the swim.

7. BE SEEN – wear a bright swim cap and use a tow-float, these greatly increase your chances of being seen by boat traffic and other people.

Swim Environment

Have an awareness of your surroundings, the underwater terrain, hazards such as rocks and seaweed. Wear suitable footwear as protection for climbing over rocks as you enter  and exit the sea.

What to Wear

Wear what you feel is comfortable, whether it’s a wetsuit or a swimsuit. Wear a bright swimcap and use a tow-float. Swim shoes and gloves helpful too.  Have warm clothing and a warm drink for afterwards. 

Building Your Confidence

Shoalstone Pool is ideal for acclimatising to cold water as it is directly fed from the sea. It is ideal for experiencing a range of different conditions such as wind or choppy water when easterly winds blow into the bay. It is also perfect on those hot sunny days. Build your lengths up gradually.

A challenge could be to build up to 32 lengths of the pool which is equivalent to one mile or 1.6 km.

Depending on sea conditions a short swim from the pool to Ladybird Cove or further to Breakwater Beach is an ideal taster, keeping close to the shore until you feel more comfortable to venture further. 

For a longer swim, try the 5 Knot yellow buoys opposite the pool but be aware of currents and boat traffic.

Do not ever be tempted to swim further or longer than you can cope with. Keep in mind your body temperature. This can drop when you exit the sea so keep additional clothing handy.


In an Emergency

The RNLI advise you to float if in difficulty.

If you see anyone in trouble call 999 and ask for the Coastguard. Fasten a whistle to yourself or your tow-float and if possible carry a phone.

Living Environment

Be aware and respectful of local wildlife, seals, jellyfish or even a mass of seaweed all of which pose no threat. Do not panic, stay calm.

Tides and Weather

It is always an idea to check weather conditions, wind direction and strength. If unsure stay close to shore.

Most of all , ENJOY our stunning bay.

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