Volunteer Code of Conduct

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Purpose of this code of conduct:

  • To contribute towards a constructive and pleasant atmosphere in which to volunteer
  • To ensure that all volunteers know what behaviour they have a right to expect from other volunteers and the person in charge of volunteers
  • To ensure that all volunteers know what behaviour is expected of them whilst volunteering for Shoalstone Pool Ltd

Respect for Others

Volunteers will:

  • Treat other people fairly and equally, working together and helping each other wherever possible
  • Not discriminate unlawfully against any person
  • Allow others to express themselves and understand that all views are important even if they are not the same as their own – as long as no offence is caused even if unintentionally
  • Speak to the Pool Caretaker in the first instance if they have any issues with the work of the other volunteers

Equal Opportunities

Volunteers will:

  • Understand, respect and work at all times without prejudice to race, age, ethnic origins, disability, gender, physical and mental health, religion, sexuality or cultural background.
  • Understand that all forms of discrimination, including bullying and harassment are unacceptable and contravene S.P.I.C.’s Equality Opportunities Policy. 
  • Perform his/her duties with honesty, integrity, impartiality, objectivity and a positive attitude

Health and Safety

Volunteers will:

  • Comply with all health and safety instructions and procedures
  • Observe safe working practices and consider the health and safety of themselves and others at all times
  • Wear any protective clothing or equipment and use any safety devices that have been provided for their health and safety
  • Listen to and adhere to the volunteer leader’s instructions
  • Ask the Pool Caretaker if in doubt about any of the instructions – as many times as is needed

If a volunteer signs this Code of Contact they can expect to:

  • Be praised where and when it is due
  • Be treated fairly and with respect by all others
  • Be listened to and have their views taken in to account when performing tasks
  • Work in a positive and friendly environment

Signed by volunteer                                                    Signed on behalf Shoalstone Pool C.I.C.

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