We are now a Community Interest Company!

Since its inception in 2014, Shoalstone Pool Limited has always operated in the interests of the Brixham community. However as a limited company there have been some people who have been sceptical of our aims, and we have also found it difficult to apply for certain sources of funding.

We are therefore very proud to announce that we have made a successful application to become a Community Interest Company, officially recognising our status as a social enterprise using our profits and assets for the public good.

Our aims have not changed: our activities will continue to benefit the community of residents of, and visitors to, Brixham who use Shoalstone Seawater Pool and its immediate environs.

Specifically, we aim to:

  • Manage all the operations of Shoalstone Pool in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Raise money and provide volunteers to contribute towards maintenance, repairs and other activities, where necessary.
  • Help to update facilities when needed, for example by buying new equipment to further that goal.
  • Promote and protect Shoalstone Pool’s heritage and use as a civic amenity.
  • Promote its use for aquatic sports and the part this plays in people’s health and well being, both in Brixham and among the wider public.
  • Promote and provide educational opportunities for lifeguarding, swimming and other associated activities.

Any profit we make will continue to be used for maintaining the pool and furthering the activities of the CIC.

We are excited by the opportunities this successful application will open up, and look forward to continuing to take the pool from strength to strength.

Thank you for your continued support!

Join the Shoalstone Pool team!

Are you local to Brixham? Would you like to help your lido go from strength to strength? Well now’s your chance! We are on the look out for two new volunteer directors to join our team…

Being a director for Shoalstone Pool is a very important role. The board meets once a month, and discusses everything to do with running the pool including day to day operations, special events, grant applications, fundraising and marketing. We are looking for someone who can think strategically, but also has the time and the energy to be hands on with the variety of tasks that need completing.

Specifically, we are looking to fill two key gaps in our team: we would love to find a maintenance director and a personnel director who could bring skills and experience from their own lives to support us in these areas.

The maintenance director would ideally be someone with an interest and aptitude in fixing things (not necessarily pool related), and would be heading up an enthusiastic team of volunteers. There are a range of maintenance jobs that need doing at the pool, from cleaning to painting to general repairs. Where necessary we do pay to pull in professionals (to carry out electrical work for example), but wherever possible we need to conserve funds by using our volunteer maintenance team.

For the personnel director, we are looking for someone who has excellent people skills, and ideally experience in managing and leading teams. The role would involve overseeing the management of our volunteers as well as recruiting new ones, and also overseeing the paid lifeguard team in season alongside the pool manager.

Both directors would also play a key part in managing the future of Shoalstone Pool, helping us to ensure that it stays at the centre of our community and can be enjoyed by many more generations to come.

If you think you might be interested in either of these roles, and have a few hours a week to spare to help support your local lido, then please do get in touch!

Email info@shoalstonepool.com for more details.