Friends of Shoalstone Pool

The Friends of Shoalstone Pool was established in 2004, and has worked tirelessly since to raise funds and promote the pool throughout the local community and beyond.

Today they work very closely with Shoalstone Pool Limited to secure the sustainability of this wonderful facility.

The Friends Committee:

Kath Wilson – Chairperson
Holly Bedford – Treasurer
Carol Pearsall – Assist Treasurer
Heather Damerell
Sheila Andrews
Tracy Cobain and Jane Pocock.

The money raised by the Friends helps pay for its annual cleaning, painting and recommissioning, and also helps to build a contingency fund in the event of a major storm and any subsequent repairs needed.

When you join the Friends of Shoalstone Pool or attend one of the Friends’ fundraising events, you are making an important contribution to the preservation of an iconic amenity which is loved and enjoyed both by local residents and the many visitors to the region.