Shoalstone Revival

The first phase of Shoalstone Revival works was completed in March 2016 as a result of money awarded by the Coastal Revival Fund.

Works included: repairs to the main valve controlling the flow of water into (and out of) the pool; repairs to the decking surrounding the pool and resurfacing of the pool floor in the deep end. Other improvements were repairs to railings and access steps, the installation of a shower and the upgrading of several changing rooms.

These works were well-received by locals and visitors to the pool, and the launch of the Shoalstone Revival project was accompanied by a resurgence of local interest in the pool.

As much as we are pleased with the progress that was made last year, once we began unpicking the real extent of the renovation that the pool needs it was clear that the Coastal Revival Fund award was just the beginning of what we would need to fully achieve our goals.

We have therefore been exploring options for funding for some major structural work to repair the natural wear and tear the pool has suffered since its last major structural repairs around forty years ago and protect it against the elements for (hopefully) many more years to come.

The cost of this work will be extensive if we are to do it properly, and in order for our bid to be attractive to funding bodies we will need to demonstrate our ability to pay for the pool’s operation into the future.

To this end, we have commissioned a feasibility study from local architects, something that was included as part of our successful CRF bid. The intention of this study is to explore the full range of what might be possible on the pool site as a starting point to allow us to work with the local community to develop a larger funding bid.

We would love to hear your views, both your concerns and your ideas for alternative approaches as well as any questions you might have.  Please go to our ‘Contact Us’ page, or come along to one of our consultation events.