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As some of you know we’re thinking about how to keep the pool open, better and repaired into the future. To do this we need to raise income from improvements to the site. Change is always contentious for some and exciting for others. We already have responses to our ideas from neighbours, staff, volunteers, visitors and other towns people. But we want more!

So please read the pages on Shoalstone Revival on this website here and then go here and let us know what you think.


Sunday Races


This Sunday (9th July) at midday, will see another race in our efforts to use the pool in a variety of ways. This is an Open to All race of 60m. Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd and a wristband for all entrants.

To help us we ask for a £2 donation as a race fee. Given the highly random nature of those who turn up for races, you’ll always stand a chance of winning.

On July 23rd we’ll have a July Sprints Cup (50m) for the under18s, to celebrate the start of the summer holidays.

And on August 12th we have a Summer Holidays Cup (25m), as part of our Fun Day, for the under 12s.

The final cup of the summer season is the September Medley (4 strokes – 25m each) on Sunday 3rd September.

Get practising!

Sunday Race

Shoasltone Pool c1950

10am this Sunday 4th June. The first of our monthly Sunday races. There’s a cup to be won and other prizes. And in time honoured cold water swimming style; cake afterwards. All welcome. £3 race fee.

Parish Meeting

**UPDATE: this meeting will now be held in the Scala Hall**

We will be presenting our ideas again for possible development work at the pool at the Brixham Town Council Annual Parish Meeting.
7pm, Thursday 25th May, Function Room, Brixham Town Hall.

If you were unable to make the meeting on 9th May then please come along. And please spread the word – especially to people who might not have regular internet access.

Thank you!

Shoalstone Revival…and so we begin

After a small meeting to kick off our consultation to develop Shoalstone Pool; where we shared some initial ideas; I noticed this while walking along the road the other day –


So I decided to knock on the door and ask what their concerns were. In short, the resident did not want any development because they believed any work would be disruptive and would spoil their view of the bay. That’s very clear; and good to know. But…

It seems our message that these were ideas, not plans, had not been communicated clearly enough; as the author of the above sign states that we have “… fully formulated plans…”. Let’s be clear, these are ideas. And if none of them gain any confidence from the whole community of Brixham, and don’t meet various conditions set out in the covenants on the land, then they won’t happen.

Let’s think about why we have shared these ideas. Brixham Town Council took the lease of the pool after Torbay District Council threatened to close the pool a few years ago. The pool is run on a shoestring budget and relies on the efforts of over 50 people doing voluntary work. This work includes management (6 voluntary, unpaid directors), maintenance and cleaning (a part time caretaker and tens of voluntary helpers). And we have ten lifeguards paid just above minimum wage for the summer. The Friends of Shoalstone Pool raise money through events; Shoalstone Pool raises some money through events; some income comes from car parking fees, beach hut and deck chair hire; and Brixham Town Council make a small contribution. It’s worth remembering that a Band D property in Brixham pays £43 out of £1677 of its Council Tax to Brixham Town Council or 83p a week. Of this 83p/week, around 4p/week goes to Shoalstone Pool from each Council Tax payer in Brixham.

Two years ago Shoalstone Pool got £50,000 from the national Coastal Communities Fund to do some repairs to the pool. This was on top of almost £40,000 spent in the previous year on repairs. This £90,000 spent has repaired the pool lining, but not fixed it. Fixing it and making it future proof will cost several times more than this. Just to run the pool (with free labour covering management, maintenance and cleaning; ten summer lifeguards and a part-time caretaker; materials, paint, safety equipment, maintenance equipment etc) is around £50,000/year. So more money has to come from somewhere.

One of our principles is that the pool should remain free-to-use for local families, swimmers and visitors. We ask for donations, but like any public pool, these don’t cover the cost of running the pool. So we need to find more ways to raise money. If we don’t the pool will inevitably close…either because people tire of putting their hands in their pockets, or tire of volunteering.

The choice is simple. We either come up with ideas that maximise income and make Shoalstone Pool an even better place to be than it is already, while minimising disruption during and after construction…or we’ll see it’s gradual decline.

So, this summer we will be talking to many, many people to see what they think about our ideas, and what their ideas are. If there are more who support us going ahead we will; if not we won’t. And that’s before we’ve even applied for planning or raised the money to do any work. There’s a long way to go. Help us, rather than hinder us, please.



A message from our friends –
The Friends of Shoalstone Pool (FoSP) are holding their Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 23rd May at Brixham Rugby Club at 7pm.  The minutes of the AGM 2016 have already been circulated, but should anyone need a hard copy please ring Sheila on 852704. 
We would welcome a few more people to join our small committee; in particular the position of Secretary is available.  We meet once a month to discuss possible fund raising and have a break during the summer months. If you feel you, or anyone you know, have the time and energy to join us and keep the Friends going, please contact one of the committee or, better than that, come along to the AGM.
We normally ask for your £5.00 membership at this time of year (some members have already paid) and have kept this amount for some years now; so would welcome as many £5.00’s as possible. Payments can be made before the AGM; so arrive a little early to pay.

Shoalstone Revival – 1st meeting notes

Notes of first public consultation – 9th May 2017, Brixham Town Hall

35 people in attendance


Purpose of meeting

  • Share initial ideas for development of pool space and environs
  • Glean feedback from participants – other ideas, concerns, likes
  • Provide space to clarify ideas and their purpose
  • Share information on way forward



Idea for developing site came from meetings of Directors. Financial context is sound for day to day running, but more uncertain if pool needs major structural work (either because of long term repair needs or as a consequence of storm damage). So we need to develop sustainable income streams. And we need to develop the pool area to meet developing sports, wellness and accessibility issues of locals and visitors.

Commissioned architects (Kay Elliot) to do initial concept drawings based on ideas from directors. Key themes are – indoor changing and hot showers; creation of indoor space for well being activities (eg yoga, pilates etc); creation of outdoor activity hire space and access to sea (eg kayaks, SUPS); extend beach hut hire (more huts, overnight possibilities); remodel pool for long term benefits; reinstate water pump and filtration system.


Concept drawing





  • Welcome for the very ambitious plans to keep this facility going
  • Clearly a lot of care needs to be taken to ensure any development does not adversely affect the special environment of the rocks area
  • Potential noise levels
  • Privacy issues
  • Anti-social behavior
  • Extra traffic
  • Health and safety
  • Impact on property prices
  • Signage
  • Impact of tides
  • Can you vary the lease on Shoals café if extended?
  • Need to comply with planning and covenants on land


Specific users

  • We enjoy the informal access all year round for dog walks on the coastline – need this to continue
  • Motor boats dangerous for swimmers



  • Clearly a lot of care needs to be taken to ensure any development does not adversely affect the special environment of the rocks area



Like –

  • outdoor showers, changing village,
  • natural play area, learning and sport opportunities


Not so sure –

  • car parking, adequacy of parking,
  • number of overnight beach huts, size of beach huts, beach huts blocking views from car park, building levels
  • need to consider access for kayak, SUP hire – not good over rocks and access to Lady Beach not great
  • size of play area shouldn’t be too big


Like to see –

  • hoist for pool access, changing rooms for wheelchair bound adults with hoist, accessible, toilet
  • cameras in car park to ensure payment, recommission overflow car park, consider other uses (eg dive shack office, climbing wall)
  • seasonal day/week rentable huts
  • In the children’s play area incorporate a heritage experience that educates the children while they are having fun, education uses, space for teenagers
  • Ideas for re-use of existing shelters
  • Reinstate pump room, heated pool
  • Pontoon into sea



from our friends at the Friends of Shoalstone Pool

We would like to say a big thank you to Jacqui Caunter, Jo Dyer, Vikki Edwards and Wendy Lanyon – “The Riviera Walkers”. All four walked from Lands End to Brixham to raise money towards the Man and Boy Statue which is now situated down at the harbour.  From the large amount they raised they also wanted to give something to the Friends of Shoalstone and last Sunday down at the pool they presented us with a cheque for £2,000.00. This has boosted our funds tremendously and we wanted to say how much we appreciate them supporting us.  All money received will go towards getting the pool ready for the forthcoming season and any projects on going down at the pool. Thank you girls.

Volunteers May 2,3,4

Plans changed from last Post, due to great effort by volunteers and favorable weather.
Nothing happening Tuesday 2nd May.

Wednesday 3rd May. Power washing the bottom of the Pool in the morning and painting railings.

3pm to 4pm help drying the Pool.

4pm onwards need volunteers to paint the deep end.

Thursday 4th. Any one interested in cutting back the grass from all the paths on green above.

Cheers charlie