We are now a Community Interest Company!

Since its inception in 2014, Shoalstone Pool Limited has always operated in the interests of the Brixham community. However as a limited company there have been some people who have been sceptical of our aims, and we have also found it difficult to apply for certain sources of funding.

We are therefore very proud to announce that we have made a successful application to become a Community Interest Company, officially recognising our status as a social enterprise using our profits and assets for the public good.

Our aims have not changed: our activities will continue to benefit the community of residents of, and visitors to, Brixham who use Shoalstone Seawater Pool and its immediate environs.

Specifically, we aim to:

  • Manage all the operations of Shoalstone Pool in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Raise money and provide volunteers to contribute towards maintenance, repairs and other activities, where necessary.
  • Help to update facilities when needed, for example by buying new equipment to further that goal.
  • Promote and protect Shoalstone Pool’s heritage and use as a civic amenity.
  • Promote its use for aquatic sports and the part this plays in people’s health and well being, both in Brixham and among the wider public.
  • Promote and provide educational opportunities for lifeguarding, swimming and other associated activities.

Any profit we make will continue to be used for maintaining the pool and furthering the activities of the CIC.

We are excited by the opportunities this successful application will open up, and look forward to continuing to take the pool from strength to strength.

Thank you for your continued support!

2 thoughts on “We are now a Community Interest Company!”

  1. My friend and I had arranged to come to the pool, and when we arrived we were refused permission, as a school of 400
    Young people were to use it. It was a special arrangement for us and we were very disappointed as we had turned down another. Is there a number one could ring to see if the pool is free from other groups who take it over. I should love to come to it, but am not keen to get there and then refused entry. Please can you advise me.

  2. Sorry to hear that you had a wasted trip last year. We avoid closing the pool wherever possible, and all planned closures for pool cleans and special events are announced on our website and Facebook page. If you visit the ‘what’s on’ page of our website you will see a link to our events calendar which is updated regularly. Occasionally we do have to close the pool due to unforeseen circumstances so please do check our Facebook page for latest updates.

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