Strange goings on at Shoalstone Pool

If you pay a visit to the pool this week you may be surprised to see some rather unusual characters patrolling the decks…

As part of the preparations for ‘The Tale’, an exciting arts event coming to Torbay in September, artist Ingrid Fiksdal is at the pool from 20th to 24th June. She has travelled from Norway with a group of performers, and will be working with local performers too to create a site specific piece for this very special location.

The performances will be taking place over three weekends in September, with Shoalstone Pool one of ten locations across Torbay selected by innovative arts company ‘Situations’, who say:

A new type of arts event is coming to South Devon this September. The Tale will guide you on a journey of discovery around the coastal area of Torbay – from the streets of Torquay, through hidden coves and historic harbours, to the quarry of Berry Head Nature Reserve.

Along the way, you’ll encounter artworks and performances by artists of international acclaim, made especially for Torbay. Inspired by the ideas of writer Philip Hoare, whose boyhood experiences of Torbay shaped his future, The Tale offers the chance to experience the hidden stories, sounds and dreams of the bay like never before.

This is a really exciting opportunity for Shoalstone Pool and for Brixham, one which will showcase the delights of our beautiful town to a whole new audience from all over the world.

Take a look at the website for ‘The Tale’ for more information about the project. We will bring you more details about Ingri’s work at the pool as we have them!

4 thoughts on “Strange goings on at Shoalstone Pool”

  1. If think I witnessed some of this ‘performance’ I have a creative background and love performance art in many concepts and I think it’s great that Torbay has been ‘chosen’. However, I did find their presence a little unnerving. People swimming and sunbathing and 4 people at each end and sides of the pool, stood still with their faces and bodies covered?!?! From a distance, this looked quite scary and a few adults (let alone children) I spoke to were concerned rather than intrigued.
    Knowing from a life guard that it was a performance ease children a little. Maybe a sign at the pool??
    I feel the art could be appreciated more in its own right if they knew it was a performance.

  2. I think the performance idea is good and clever. However my daughter was there today with a group of children and felt quite intimidated by the figures around the pool. I also have to question the sense in the type of clothing they were wearing in terms of current terrorist alert status and from a child protection perspective.

  3. Apologies if you found the rehearsals unnerving! We have taken feedback on board and made sure there are signs at the pool with more information for the rest of the week 🙂

  4. Apologies if your daughter felt intimidated. We obviously have no control over the creative process, and hadn’t anticipated the heatwave when we planned in the rehearsal dates which has meant we have been considerably busier than we would normally be at this time of year!

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