Shoalstone Revival – 1st meeting notes

Notes of first public consultation – 9th May 2017, Brixham Town Hall

35 people in attendance


Purpose of meeting

  • Share initial ideas for development of pool space and environs
  • Glean feedback from participants – other ideas, concerns, likes
  • Provide space to clarify ideas and their purpose
  • Share information on way forward



Idea for developing site came from meetings of Directors. Financial context is sound for day to day running, but more uncertain if pool needs major structural work (either because of long term repair needs or as a consequence of storm damage). So we need to develop sustainable income streams. And we need to develop the pool area to meet developing sports, wellness and accessibility issues of locals and visitors.

Commissioned architects (Kay Elliot) to do initial concept drawings based on ideas from directors. Key themes are – indoor changing and hot showers; creation of indoor space for well being activities (eg yoga, pilates etc); creation of outdoor activity hire space and access to sea (eg kayaks, SUPS); extend beach hut hire (more huts, overnight possibilities); remodel pool for long term benefits; reinstate water pump and filtration system.


Concept drawing





  • Welcome for the very ambitious plans to keep this facility going
  • Clearly a lot of care needs to be taken to ensure any development does not adversely affect the special environment of the rocks area
  • Potential noise levels
  • Privacy issues
  • Anti-social behavior
  • Extra traffic
  • Health and safety
  • Impact on property prices
  • Signage
  • Impact of tides
  • Can you vary the lease on Shoals café if extended?
  • Need to comply with planning and covenants on land


Specific users

  • We enjoy the informal access all year round for dog walks on the coastline – need this to continue
  • Motor boats dangerous for swimmers



  • Clearly a lot of care needs to be taken to ensure any development does not adversely affect the special environment of the rocks area



Like –

  • outdoor showers, changing village,
  • natural play area, learning and sport opportunities


Not so sure –

  • car parking, adequacy of parking,
  • number of overnight beach huts, size of beach huts, beach huts blocking views from car park, building levels
  • need to consider access for kayak, SUP hire – not good over rocks and access to Lady Beach not great
  • size of play area shouldn’t be too big


Like to see –

  • hoist for pool access, changing rooms for wheelchair bound adults with hoist, accessible, toilet
  • cameras in car park to ensure payment, recommission overflow car park, consider other uses (eg dive shack office, climbing wall)
  • seasonal day/week rentable huts
  • In the children’s play area incorporate a heritage experience that educates the children while they are having fun, education uses, space for teenagers
  • Ideas for re-use of existing shelters
  • Reinstate pump room, heated pool
  • Pontoon into sea


2 thoughts on “Shoalstone Revival – 1st meeting notes”

  1. To be clear, what the words in the “concept plan” say are ” overnight beach huts”

  2. That is true. One of our ideas. There are similar overnight beach huts at Shaldon. As Brixham is a great destination for holiday makers, considering this idea makes sense. However, even if it gets support, it would have to meet the covenants on the land and pass planning. So just an idea at the moment.

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