2 thoughts on “Public meeting 9th May 2017”

  1. The first and most logical solution to financing the pool is to fence it and charge admission. Most other outside
    pools charge a considerable amount for their use. If people aren’t prepared to pay then perhaps they don’t want the pool to survive.
    I believe a Grant has or will be applied for in which case concrete plans will be required not just ideas.

  2. Thank you for your thoughts. We are currently trying to explore options that don’t involve charging for use of the pool itself as it has been free to use for the community for over ninety years, something that has been reflected in the generous donations of both time and money people have made to keep it open. It is nonetheless something we’ve looked into, but to make it work would involve an increase in both staffing and infrastructure, which would both be expensive – and other community-run pools we’ve talked to who do charge an admission fee find that the revenue that brings in is not sufficient to cover operating costs so it might not be the fail safe solution it first appears. Of course if our consultation shows that this is the most popular option then it would be something we would look at seriously to see if we could make it work.

    In terms of the grant application, we are a long way off submitting this, but it would be a necessary part of the process before any of these concepts come close to being a reality – and as you say would require concrete plans. The feasibility study is the first stage in the preparation for this, and now that we have some initial ideas we can discuss and develop these over the coming months. We are really encouraged by how many people have shown an interest in the project so far, and are hopeful that by working with the local community we can find a way forward that everyone will be proud to support.

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