Shoalstone Revival

Thank you to everyone who came to our public meeting to begin the consultation process for the Shoalstone Revival project. It was fantastic to see so many interested people there, with lots of enthusiasm for the future and some great ideas about how we can move things forwards.

For those of you who weren’t able to attend, please find below some more details about the project so far:

Shoalstone Revival project proposal Nov 16

Public meeting presentation 9th May 2017

Masterplan v1 Kay Elliott

Whilst we have been working on the vision for a while, we are still at the beginning of a very long process. Before we can apply for funding we need to have a clear idea about what developments we would like to make at the site and how these will provide security for the pool’s future.

As we progress we are keen to communicate fully with the local community – both keeping you in the loop about our thinking, and taking on board your feedback about how we can make it better. We are in the process of collating the ideas that came out of this initial meeting, and will publish those shortly.

In the mean time please do get in touch if you have any thoughts or ideas you would like to share – you can email us on

In particular if you feel you have the skills and experience to help us move this project forwards then we would love to hear from you – we are always looking for more volunteers to assist us with the mammoth task of making our local lido the very best that it can be.

4 thoughts on “Shoalstone Revival”

  1. Meeting very good .some great ideas and plans .eastly .north east weather could b a problem . Trying to get the youth and Brixham teenagers on board could b a snag .they havnt got much go in them these days .but great start .very long way to go .

  2. Thanks for your support! I’m hopeful that we can find ways to engage young people in the process – it would certainly be great to have their ideas. The challenge of the weather might be harder to overcome! There is as you say still a very long way to go 🙂

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